Tuesday, August 2, 2022

✨ Little Big Updates

 We’ve launched another batch of small but meaningful improvements based on user feedback. Check out all 20+ updates here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ FigmaとFigJamがζ—₯本θͺžγ§εˆ©η”¨ε―能にγͺγ‚ŠγΎγ—γŸ!

 γ“んにけは!We're excited to announce that Figma and FigJam now support Japanese in-product, on our website, and our help center. Go to your Figma account settings to change your preferred language to Japanese.

Click here to learn more, and follow @FigmaJapan on Twitter!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

✨ Updates to workspaces

We updated workspaces (a feature in the Enterprise plan) to serve as a new layer in Figma's content hierarchy. The changes will make it easier for users on the Enterprise plan to navigate across the product. Users will now see:

  • Teams grouped by workspace in the file browser
  • Teams grouped by workspace in the library search modal
  • A workspace filter in Search results

We also took some of these navigational improvements (e.g. the addition of breadcrumbs and a new page layout) and released them to the Starter, Pro, and Orgs plans. Finally, we introduced a reformatted library search modal in the Orgs plan as well.

πŸ” New ways to search and browse the Figma Community

We redesigned the Figma Community so it’s easier to explore thousands of templates, widgets, and plugins created by users like you.

  • Use new categories to discover resources related to topics like design systems, icons, and typography
  • Find what you’re looking for with improved search, sort, and filters
Check out the new Figma Community and learn more in the Help Center.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

✨ Improvements to Figma and FigJam

 ⚙️ FigJam iPad app now includes widgets, plugins, and more

  • You can now insert widgets, stickers, components, and plugins in FigJam on the iPad app.

🚦Reviewing branches on Figma just got better!

We've made a few changes to the review workflow for branching & merging, that should make it even easier and smoother to review and merge branches:

  • You can now review changes and access settings for merged branches
  • We're made the review description only editable by the branch review creator
  • We've added keyboard shortcuts for the reviewers dropdown
  • We've added an indicator in the main file when there's an open branch in review
✂️ Copy and paste sections from FigJam to Figma

  • You can now copy and paste sections from FigJam into Figma. Previously, sections were convereted into groups.
  • All content inside the sections is preserved

πŸ’Œ Get control over your inbox

  • We've added email preferences so that you can control what types of email notifications you receive. This is now all in one place in Account Settings for you to manage.
  • Across different categories, you can specify if you want all emails, a subset of emails tailored to you, or no emails.
  • Please note that you'll continue to receive critical admin-related or account-related emails regardless of these settings.

⬆️ Import Miro boards to FigJam

  • You can now import the contents of a Miro board into FigJam.
  • After importing the Miro PDF files, you’ll be able to edit text as well as move and resize objects.
  • Learn more about how a Miro object gets imported into FigJam.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

⚙️ Widgets in Figma are here

We’re excited to announce widgets are now available in Figma, alongside some exciting updates to how you discover, use, and build platform resources:

  • Use widgets to boost collaboration, manage your work, and level-up your designs. Explore Figma widgets.
  • You can now browse and run plugins and widgets directly in the Figma editor - just click the button in the toolbar to access. Learn more.
  • We’ve made it easier to try out plugins and widgets in Community. When browsing the Figma Community, you can jump into a file to test a resource from the Community listing. You no longer need to install plugins. Learn more.
  • We’ve updated our plugin and widget API developer docs to make it easier to find information and get started. Check them out here.

Friday, May 20, 2022

πŸ”¨ Branch merge stability fixes

 We've fixed a number of bugs that should make your merges go a lot smoother.

  • We've made improvements so that you shouldn't face issues when merging images, and so that we better protect against data loss after a merge.
  • We've removed a blocking banner that users used to see in certain circumstances that prevented them from proceeding with the merge.
  • We've also added a warning banner if you're trying to close a file while a merge is in progress, to avoid merge issues.