Thursday, July 22, 2021

🥊 Knockout shadow, pencil tool tricks, and more!

  • Figma now supports “knockout” shadow. We no longer display drop shadows through transparent areas of an object or layer by default.
  • Hold Shift to draw straight lines when using the pencil tool in Figma and FigJam.
  • Default pencil and text colors are now smarter. When you draw or type, they are now black or white depending on the background.
  • We’ve updated the tab keyboard shortcuts on desktop so they’re more intuitive. Press ⌘1 on Mac, Ctrl+1 on Windows to open the file browser, and ⌘2, 3, 4 or Crtl+2,3, 4 to open subsequent tabs.
  • We added a new keyboard shortcut for strikethrough text - ⌘⇧X on Mac, Ctrl+Shift+X on Windows.
  • The missing font dialog now includes a layer count if you hover over an icon, making it easier to see the impact of a font being missing.
  • Pressing K in Figma now consistently brings up scale mode, but doesn’t exit it, so it’s more predictable (h/t to Morgan for the feedback!)
  • We’ve cleaned up measuring lines when you duplicate objects - you’ll now see two instead of four. And, we added some logic so it’s harder to accidentally not duplicate something, even if you let go of the key too early.
  • Design Systems updates:
    • You can press Shift while clicking on individual publishing checkboxes to select ranges.
    • You’re now able to open library files from the libraries modal.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

✨ Updates to quick create for faster diagramming in FigJam 

  • Automatically add connectors between new shapes by dragging the quick create icon
  • Hover over the quick create icon on a shape or sticky to see a preview of what will be created

Multiple Flows and On Canvas Names

🔀 Create multiple flows

  • Compare, test, and present multiple interactive ideas from a single page. Learn more.

🅰️ Edit names on canvas

  • Now you can edit flow and frame names directly from the canvas. Just double-click the name and start typing.

🏗 Design System Updates

  • Publish dialog no longer shows immediately when small changes have been made. Users will have to manually trigger a publish, though the dialog will still show when copying/pasting between files. 
  • Inputs in the properties panel relating to instances now select their text on focus. 
  • Text in the instance swap picker is now truncated in a more readable way, and a tooltip displays the component name.
  • “Select all with same instance” command now works with nested instances.
  • Variant properties are now preserved when swapping between component sets

Thursday, June 17, 2021

🛠️ Editor Quality Updates

We know subtle changes can have a big impact on your flow. Here’s 30 features, improvements, and fixes we launched to the editor. Check out the Community file to see them in action.

  • We redesigned the stroke panel for easier customization of vector objects

  • You can now use math operations to adjust properties with a mixed value

  • Copy as PNG is now available in the browser (it was previously only available in the desktop app)

  • You can now hold ⌘/Ctrl while resizing an image to crop it immediately

  • We’ve made some improvements to text exporting: 

  • We’ve added an “include bounding box” export setting in the Editor, and corresponding use_absolute_bounds setting in the Plugin API

  • “Contents only” export is now called “Ignore overlapping layers”

  • You can now select stroke properties before using the pencil tool

  • The pen and pencil tools remember stroke settings for future use

  • We’ve redesigned the hand tool to be less intrusive

  • Preferences are now automatically synced across all tabs you have opened

  • A second fill added to an object is now a solid fill color, rather than a gradient

  • You no longer need to click on adjustment sliders to start using them

  • You can now close the “Move to project” dialog box by clicking outside of it or pressing Esc

  • Copying and pasting text with a missing font now activates the global A? missing font icon

  • When you copy stickies from FigJam to other places as text, the text copied is sorted to match the layout in FigJam

  • The missing font dialog now shows affected layers

  • We increased the hit target size for the top menu entry point

  • You can now open selected links using middle-click

  • Our repositioning buttons (like Align To Top) are now active even when you edit text

  • You can now pan over links without being interrupted when you encounter link pop-ups

  • We’ve adjusted the size of the selected text background when renaming a file

  • Figma no longer ignores when you paste an image while text editing. Now, it exits text editing and pastes it

  • Icons in the Layers panel now reflect what objects they represent faster

  • We added the “+” option for text nodes with mixed styles, allowing you to override them with a new style or color easily

  • When a user zooms using “Z”, we no longer show the selection rectangle to other people in the file

  • Scrubbing fields by holding ⌥ and moving your mouse now works in Safari

  • We added a hover state for frame presets

  • We fixed how drag handles display on grid property rows

  • Right click menu doesn’t dismiss so eagerly on Safari

  • When you create a new ruler, it will now be automatically selected, so you can nudge it with your keyboard or delete it

  • We resolved an issue with opening the toolbar dropdown in View Only mode

  • We’ve made the layers panel scroll to find the selected layer when using selection keyboard shortcuts

Thursday, June 10, 2021

⏰ Introducing a timer to FigJam

Set a shared timer in FigJam to keep brainstorms, retros, and workshops on track

  • Anyone in a file can start, stop, or pause the timer
  • The timer always starts, stops, and pauses for everyone in the file 
  • Learn more here

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

🔤 Update to font fallback in FigJam and Figma

  • We've improved font fallback in Figma and FigJam to prevent missing characters when using scripts like Traditional & Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.