Friday, May 20, 2022

🔨 Branch merge stability fixes

 We've fixed a number of bugs that should make your merges go a lot smoother.

  • We've made improvements so that you shouldn't face issues when merging images, and so that we better protect against data loss after a merge.
  • We've removed a blocking banner that users used to see in certain circumstances that prevented them from proceeding with the merge.
  • We've also added a warning banner if you're trying to close a file while a merge is in progress, to avoid merge issues.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

✨ Figma menu update

We've updated the main menu order so that Vector is now below Text and Arrange. This change ensures full menu parity between Figma and FigJam and can be observed on both desktop and web.

⚙️ More ways to use widgets in organizations

 Now organization admins can better control which widgets are available to their organization's members.

  • Private widgets: Build and publish widgets just for your organization to use. Try building company-approved versions of your favorite widgets, or widgets that connect to internal tools and data.
  • Widget allow list: Approve which widgets are made available to your organization, so you can rest assured that each widget meets your security requirements.

Learn more about creating private widgets and approving widgets for your organization.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

✨ Config 2022 launches

 We launched 15 new features at our annual conference! Check out the full list below:

  • Dark mode: Design in comfort and reduce eye fatigue with dark mode on desktop and web.
  • Auto layoutCreate fully responsive designs with new layout options, a redesigned properties panel, and on-canvas controls.
  • Component properties: Use component properties to add text, boolean, and instance overrides to reduce manual variant creation
  • Spring animationsCreate more natural and fluid transition animations when prototyping.
  • FigJam widgets: We now have more FigJam widgets, including ones integrated with Jira, Asana, and Github
  • Variable fontsBroaden the possibilities of your designs and typography with a wide range of font styles and features.
  • Spotlight: Select to spotlight yourself so that others can follow you in Figma and FigJam files.
  • Individual strokes: Use partial borders to create more customized tables, headers, and more.
  • Review states for branching: Approve updates, share contextual design feedback, and request changes through branching and without leaving Figma
  • International keyboards (beta): German, French, and Japanese keyboard shortcuts have been remapped for easier access
  • Updated outlines: Showing outlines now reveals hidden objects, bounding boxes, and let's you select nodes from behind
  • Password-protected links: Share files and prototypes publicly with more control
  • Favoriting files: Use favorites to access your most relevant and important files faster
  • Desktop tab updates: Recover, pin, and drag tabs on desktop to customize your workspace
  • Widget Code Generator: Create widgets more easily using our new plugin that translates Figma designs into working widget code

Learn more about Config 2022.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

⌨️ New Figma shortcuts

 We've launched the following Figma shortcuts to speed up workflows:

  • Paste to replace: ⌘⇧R or Cmd+Shift+R
  • Show/hide outlines: ⇧O or Shift+O
  • Show/hide layout grid: ⇧G or Shift+G
  • Show/hide pixel grid: ⇧’ or Shift+’
  • Pixel preview on/off: ⌘⇧P or Cmd+Shift+P
  • Go up to parent: \

The legacy shortcuts also remain supported.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

🖥️ Desktop app tab updates

 We’ve launched a bundle of small updates to improve our desktop app experience:

  • Tabs now show new Figma, FigJam, and prototype favicons
  • Hovering over tabs will also show the full file name
  • Right click on tabs to pin/unpin tabs to the left side of the tab bar
  • Click “…” menu at the top right to show recently closed tabs
  • Drag tabs out of existing window to create new one

Monday, April 25, 2022

🔐 We've made some updates to permissions on branches

 These fixes improve the user experience for users who only have access to the branch, so that they can more effectively work within the branch and are less likely to face errors

  • Users with access to a branch will now be given view access to the main file.
  • Users with access to a branch will now be able to diff against the main file.
  • If a user has edit access to a branch, they will also be able to update from Main.