Thursday, June 21, 2018

Figma 3.0


  • Figma 3.0!
    • Styles
    • Our new Organization tier
    • Upgraded Prototyping (device frames, scrolling, fixed elements, & more!)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What's New This Week


  • You can now override the Clip Content setting for instances
  • Creating a new text object would sometimes create a tiny fixed-width text box. We now prevent these tiny boxes from appearing whenever you click on the canvas with the text tool
  • The cursor for new text objects with justified alignment would sometimes appear outside of the text box. We fixed this so the cursor always appears inside the text box
  • We now show frame presets in the prototype tab when you select the frame tool

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Desktop App 3.6.15

  • Opening a prototype or clicking Go To Master Component would always open the new file at the end of the tab strip. Now, it will open right next to the file you’re currently viewing
  • Closing a tab for a file that you’re not currently viewing would switch you to that tab. Now, you can close other tabs without having to switch to the tabs
  • The Full Screen button in the prototype view would not do anything when clicked. We fixed this so the prototype now enters full screen view
  • If your computer had to restart while Figma was open, the app would not always open all of the tabs that were originally open. Now - Figma will always reopen all open tabs
  • Toggling the “hide extension” setting on macOS when exporting would sometimes cause a failed export. We’ve fixed this so you can always export successfully
  • On some Windows machines, a tiny gap would be visible under the tap strip if the text size was set to 125%. We’ve fixed this so no gap appears
  • Sometimes, opening the Desktop App would result in tabs opening in your browser, too. We fixed this so files are only opened in the Desktop App now
  • macOS: Added the Align and Distribute shortcuts to the Desktop App menu
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Copy Properties and Paste Properties from working

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What's New This Week


  • While loading your notifications, we would incorrectly show a "no notifications" message. We fixed this by showing a loading spinner while we load your notifications.
  • We now provide a resource usage indicator if you want to monitor the size of your file. Search for "Resource Use" in the menu
  • Deleted projects would reappear when you refreshed your tab. We actually delete your projects now
  • Clicking "Edit Original" while viewing a prototype would always take you to the first page of the Figma file. We now take you to the right page and also select the frame you were viewing.
  • Turning a frame into component would always collapse the frame in the layers panel. We now preserve the expanded state when changing a frame into a component.
  • Moving objects on the canvas would sometimes scroll the layers panel unnecessarily. We now prevent the layers panel from scrolling when moving objects on the canvas.
  • Fixed a bug where Zeplin export could sometimes fail

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What's New This Week


  • Creating a text object with justified alignment would cause the text object to move while you type. We fixed this so the text object no longer moves.
  • Changing the device orientation between portrait and landscape would ignore your constraint settings. Now, we respect constraints when changing orientation
  • Adding a stroke to a text object would default to a 0 width stroke, which was not useful. We now default to a 1px width when adding a stroke to text objects
  • Flattening an arrow would remove the arrow heads. We fixed this so the arrow heads are preserved.
  • The Last Modified sort option in the recent tab really sorts by Last Viewed. This was very confusing so we changed the copy.
  • The notification badge in the File Space would remain unread even if you acted on the notifications directly in a file. Now, the notification is dismissed if you have already read your unread comments or accepted file invites.
  • Renamed "Copy Style: and "Paste Style" to Copy Properties and Paste Properties to be more accurate (and because of our upcoming Styles feature).

Thursday, May 31, 2018

What's New This Week

  • Enhanced Team Library to help scale your design system. Read more here

  • We’ve added the Include "id" Attribute and Simplify Stroke export options to our API
  • You can now use the “R” shortcut to replay a prototype

  • Instance overrides were not being imported correctly from Sketch 50+ files. We fixed this so overrides should be properly imported.
  • Groups that use invisible objects to add padding to were being ignored when exporting. We fixed this so exports take hidden objects into consideration.
  • The comment tool shortcut (C) was not working while viewing prototypes. We fixed this so you can use the “C” shortcut now.
  • The prototype connections and the multiplayer cursors would sometimes appear above the scrollbars. We fixed this so the layering of scrollbars, cursors, and objects are always what you expect.
  • Changing an image’s fill property from tile to crop would apply tiling to the cropped image. We fixed this so changing from tile to crop maintains the original size of the image in your file
  • Stars and Polygons would show their on-canvas controls at all zoom levels. Now, the on-canvas controls appear at closer zoom levels.
  • The loading screen in the file space would look strange on really large displays. We’ve improved it to look better.
  • Fixed a rare bug where smoothing corners for an object would result in the object disappearing on the canvas

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What's New This Week


  • SVG Export
    • Simple shapes with a stroke will now be represented as a single shape
    • Outline Text and Simplify Stroke export options will now only appear when they are relevant
  • You can now search for components in the Team Library by their descriptions


  • Editing a gradient while in vector edit mode would disable all selection on the canvas. We fixed this so going into gradient edit mode will now correctly leave vector edit mode.
  • In some rare situations, you could create a component that contained another master component. We now do a better job preventing this from happening.
  • If you have a file with updated and outdated instances from your team library, we would not show you an update prompt for the outdated instances. We fixed this so you can now always update outdated instances.
  • Updates to nested instances would not look correct in prototypes. Now, when you accept updates from your team library, your prototypes will always match your designs.
  • Fixed a bug where resetting our onboarding would not automatically close the help menu