Wednesday, November 17, 2021

💬 Changes to comments in Figma and FigJam

 We’ve redesigned comments to help teams leave feedback that’s easier to understand, manage, and act on.

  • Redesigned comment pins: Comments are now visible by default, can be kept open while making edits to designs, and show information like avatars and previews on hover. You can show and hide comments through the right-click menu or by pressing Shift + C.
  • Clusters: Comments in the same area will be grouped together as you zoom in and out of the canvas, making it easier to quickly scan the canvas and understand where feedback is concentrated.
  • Searching and sorting: Mark comments as “unread,” search by a specific keyword or person, and sort by date.
  • Comment on specific areas: Click and drag to comment on an area of the canvas.
  • Lighter comment composer: we’ve made this smaller to encourage collaborators to leave feedback that’s short and easy to follow.
  • Reactions: React to individual comments with a thumbs up, +1, or more. 
  • Redesigned sidebar: The sidebar has been streamlined and is easier to find for viewers opening a file and in presentation mode (for prototypes).

We’ve also made performance improvements so your file can better handle many comments at any given point. To learn more about all of the changes to comments, visit our Help Center.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

🔌 Meet a new kind of plugin

 We’re excited to announce plugin parameters, the fastest and most extensible way to build and run plugins, has moved out of beta! Plugins can now include parameters that accept user input from the quick actions bar, ⌘ + / or Ctrl + / on Windows:

  • As a user, you can now fully execute plugins with keyboard commands.
  • As a creator, you can now program the quick actions bar as a custom user interface to your plugin.
This boosts productivity for keyboard-loving designers and plugin developers alike. Spend more time designing, innovating, and strategizing, and less time navigating.

To learn more, visit our Help Center and explore plugins that support parameters on Figma Community.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

🤖 LIBRARY_PUBLISHED webhook now triggers on style updates

Previously the LIBRARY_PUBLISHED webhook only got triggered when components were updated. Style updates now also trigger this, giving users more accurate insights into their library updates.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

▶️ Interactive components are here! Plus more prototyping updates

 We’re excited to announce that interactive component are now available for all Figma editors. Create reusable, shareable interactive elements for your design systems and prototypes.

In addition, we’ve launched a batch of releases to make it even faster and easier to build and share prototypes. Read on or check out our blog post for more details.

  • Prototype tab shortcut: Use the new shortcut ⇧ Shift + E to toggle between the design and prototype tabs.
  • Hiding inherited interactions: We’re making prototypes easier to understand at first glance by hiding interactions “inherited” from main components Want to see details? Just select an object to see all associated interactions. Learn more here.
  • Interactions visible for everyone: File viewers can now see and explore interactions on the canvas.
  • Disable keyboard navigation in viewer: Disable default keyboard navigation when viewing prototypes for more realistic user testing.
  • Copy/paste interactions: You can now copy and paste prototype interactions to further reduce repetitive work.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

✨ More ways to jam with your team

We’re bringing our open platform to FigJam to give you new ways to meet, connect, and have fun with your team: 

  • Widgets: over 20 new widgets to bring in new functionality to your jam sessions—from voting, polling, games, and more. 
  • Plugins: over 40 new plugins to speed up your workflow in FigJam.

We’re also introducing a few features that make it easier for your team to collaborate in FigJam: 

  • Open sessions: start an open session to invite users to your FigJam files for 24 hours—no Figma account required.
  • New shapes: 4 new shapes to build architecture diagrams in FigJam.
  • Code blocks: brainstorm, format, and review code snippets in 14 languages.
  • Templates: find and use templates without ever leaving the file.

To learn more, read our blog post or check out this open sessions playground file.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

🌲 Branching in Figma is here!

Introducing branching! Available for Figma Organization. Now your team can explore and iterate freely without making changes to shared files. You can use branching to:

  • Iterate on components in your design library
  • Get feedback from stakeholders
  • Conduct design experiments and user testing

To learn more, visit our Help Center.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

➰Paste keyboard shortcut changes


  • After listening to your feedback, we’ve decided to update a few keyboard shortcuts.
    • paste over selection has returned to its original shortcut: ⇧⌘V (Ctrl+Shift+V on Windows)
    • paste to replace is now ⇧⌥⌘V (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+V on Windows)