Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What's New

  • Copy / Paste for view only mode works way better than before.
  • Comments from deleted frames are now retained and displayed in their own special place.

  • Prototype transition arrow UI always appears, even when frames are clipped.
  • Fixed issue where overrides would sometimes get lost.
  • Improved the reconnection logic to make Figma more reliable after long periods of being disconnected.
  • Performance enhancements for people on large teams.
  • Fixed an issue where emoji would sometimes fail to be inserted. 😱

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What's New


  • We now have @ mentions!
  • We now have file sorting options!
  • You can now copy your designs as PNG images using the right-click menu
  • You can now swap instances directly from the Team Library by holding down option (or command + option to for nested instances) while dragging the instance into your file

  • New team members that join from a Slack integration will now be viewers by default
  • Improved our copy and paste behaviors

  • Fixed a bug that inserted a space after entering the first character in a text object
  • Editing a text object that is centered will no longer hide the cursor
  • Fixed a bug where you would be incorrectly shown the missing fonts dialog when editing a text object
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from deep-clicking or using the Select Layer menu to select nested objects that are outside the frame's bounds
  • Fixed a rare bug where scaling a boolean-op would make it flash intermittently
  • Fixed a rare bug where an instance incorrectly retained its connection to a symbol after being detached
  • Fixed a bug where the properties panel would sometimes not appear when opening a file
  • We now add a space after emoji’s in comments to help you enter your feedback more fluidly
  • Fixed a bug that removed Copy as CSS from the context menu

Desktop App 3.5.3

  • We inadvertently removed cursor wrapping when scrubbing input fields. This works as expected now.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed tabs to overlap in the tab strip.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Desktop App 3.5.2

  • You can now copy objects directly to PNG from the context menu


  • We now show a Play icon on prototype tabs

  • Menu Options
    • Added Frame Outlines to the View Menu
    • Add more help options in the Help Menu
    • Added menu items for the Layers Panel, Components, and Team Library panels
    • Added a menu option to collapse all layers 
  • Pressing and holding a key will now show the character picker
  • You can now choose the filename when exporting individual images
  • We added a context menu to the file browser so you can refresh if you need it
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you pinch-zoom into the tab strip
  • We now sort font styles based on font stretch and weight
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from using the OS menu when working in two different Figma app windows
  • Clicking on a Desktop URI link (can be copied from the tab context menu) will now open the desktop app directly

Thursday, February 8, 2018

What's New

New Keyboard Shortcuts!

  • Opacity
    • Set layer opacity for selection: 0...9
  • Alignment
    • left / right: command + control + left/right
    • horizontal center: command + control + option + left/right
    • top / bottom: command + control + up/down
    • vertical center: command + control + option + up/down
    • distribute horizontal centers: command + control + option + H
    • distribute vertical centers: command + control + option + V
  • Text shortcuts
    • Increase font size: command + shift + .
    • Decrease font size: command + shift + ,
    • Increase letter spacing: option + .
    • Decrease letter spacing: option + ,
    • Increase line height: option + shift + .
    • Decrease line height: option + shift + ,
  • Collapse layers: option + L

  • Opacity
    • Set layer opacity for selection: 0...9
  • Alignment
    • horizontal center: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + left/right
    • vertical center: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Up/Down
    • distribute horizontal centers: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + H
    • distribute vertical centers: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + V
  • Text shortcuts
    • Increase font size: Ctrl + Shift + .
    • Decrease font size: Ctrl + Shift + ,
    • Increase letter spacing: Alt + .
    • Decrease letter spacing: Alt + ,
    • Increase line height: Alt + Shift + .
    • Decrease line height: Alt + Shift + ,
  • Collapse Layers: Alt + L

  • We now collapse the independent corner radius fields in the Properties Panel
  • Improved resize handling for frames and components 
  • We now hide the Figma UI when you enter full screen while viewing a presentation

  • Fixed a bug that attempted to export incorrect items to Zeplin
  • Fixed a rare bug where an instance could lose its overrides
  • Fixed a bug that prevented publishing components if some of the thumbnails were missing

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What's New


  • We now include an option to have Smooth Corners for rectangles


  • Large design files with several pages should load faster now
  • Improved Developer Handoff support for gradients, shadows, and blend modes for iOS and Android
  • Chromebook users can now switch between the Layers, Components, and Team Library panels using Alt + Shift + (1, 2, or 3) 
  • Prototype browser tabs now have a ▸ icon to help differentiate them from design tabs
  • We now better filter suggested contacts for sharing files


  • Fixed a bug that prevented images from loading if you were using an adblocker
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from selecting a text object if its letters extended beyond the object bounds
  • Fixed a bug that made it difficult to select a text object if the line height was 0
  • Constraints for groups will now appear correctly 
  • Fixed a rare bug where the missing font dialog would appear incorrectly, preventing you from editing your text objects
  • The Edit original option while viewing prototypes will now correctly load the editor
  • Fixed a bug that would inadvertently advance you through a prototype on mobile devices

Thursday, January 25, 2018

What's New


  • Sketch Import
    • Image masks are now preserved correctly
    • Objects that have effects but no fills or strokes are now imported correctly
    • Improved support for text objects with soft returns
    • Improved support for paragraph spacing in text objects
    • Improved support for text alignment
    • Improves support for color, letter spacing, and case overrides for Text object Symbols
    • Imported text objects will now import as height auto resize
    • You can now drag Sketch files into an open document
  • Desktop App
    • Prototypes will now always refresh already-open tabs and also show the correct page
    • Removed the Back to Files menu option
  • Text
    • The selection overlay will now hide when changing the color of partial selections
    • Rotated text objects will now also have rotated cursors
    • Text objects should now always snap correctly to other objects
    • Fixed a rare bug that prevented scrolling the font list when hiding Google Fonts
    • Resizing a text object should now correctly preserve its Auto Resize setting
  • Figma Mirror
    • Creating or deleting frames will mirroring should no longer reveal the canvas and freeze the app
    • Improved handling of mirroring when working in two separate files
    • The "Connected through WiFi" overlay on Android will now dismiss correctly
    • The data connection message will now update correctly when your device is offline
  • Components
    • Removing components from the Team Library using the context menu will now work as expected
    • You can now override Layout Grid settings in instances
    • The instance swapping menu will now appear when you click down, allowing you to swap instances with one click
    • Fixed a rare bug where scaled instances would not appear correctly
    • Fixed a rare bug that prevented publishing components to the Team Library
  • Layers Panel
    • When renaming a layer, selecting a portion of the layer's name will no longer change its hierarchy
    • Frames and Groups will now expand/collapse more intelligently when reordering layers
    • The Layers Panel will now scroll to show objects duplicated using alt+drag
  • Chromebook
    • You can now use the Search Key + Drag to duplicate objects on the canvas
    • Improved pinch-to-zoom handling for supported Chromebooks
  • Everything else
    • The overflow menus in the toolbar will now appear as soon as you click down, allowing you to choose a different item in one single click
    • Changing the orientation of a frame when its proportions are constrained will now correctly change the orientation instead of resizing the frame
    • Hiding a frame will now hide the guides inside the frame
    • Fixed a bug where you could not drag-to-duplicate flattened lines
    • Resizing a line while holding shift will no longer create an infinite line
    • The Pixel Preview setting will now be applied across all the pages in your document
    • We now hide the selection overlay when resizing an object with keyboard shortcuts
    • We now delete a group if you delete all of the objects within the group
    • You can now flatten objects within boolean groups
    • Scrubbing the polygon count field will now only show whole numbers
    • Changing browser tabs using keyboard shortcuts will no longer prevent you from scrubbing input fields
    • We now show mixed Font Family and Font Styles in the Code tab
    • We now hide the mask outline when changing the color or position of the shapes inside of a mask group
    • Fixed a bug where adjusting the vector points of a stroke would result in an unexpected change
    • We now prevent multiple instances of the same user appearing in the same document
    • You can now duplicate the properties of shapes on Windows using Ctrl + D
    • Several fixes to our sign in and sign up modals
    • In the Team view, you can now use Command + click or Ctrl + click to open a project in a new tab
    • Fixed the appearance of Windows and Chromebook shortcuts in the keyboard shortcut modal