Thursday, April 27, 2017

Figma 1.6.2

  • We now import export settings from your Sketch files.
    • PDF, EPS, and SVG exports are all converted to SVG 
    • PNG, WEBP, TIFF exports are all converted to PNG
    • JPG exports will continue to import as JPG
  • New hand cursor when panning the canvas
  • New shortcut to open the team library
    • macOS: command + option + O
    • Windows: ctrl + alt + O
  • The help button now includes easy access to our docs, tutorials, and release notes

  • Objects, text, and lines should be sharper and more accurate in Safari
  • Locking a frame now prevents you from selecting or manipulating its contained objects and prevents new objects being created inside of it
  • Search menu is now focused when opening the Team Library 
  • Searching in the File Space and the Team Library is more accurate
  • You can now use the keyboard arrows and enter key in the Move to Project modal
  • Copying and pasting objects and frames should better respect offsets and parent into frames correctly
  • Export preview now appears correctly when Contents Only is unchecked 
  • Figma Mirror should no longer become distorted while previewing designs
  • Export picker now appears fully when there are no exports
  • Objects in the Layers Panel should maintain their order when moving them in or out of a frame

Monday, April 24, 2017

Figma 1.6.1


  • Copying and pasting instances from the Team Library should now result in another instance instead of a frame

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Figma 1.6.0


  • Team names are now shown when viewing a project in the File Space for improved navigation
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 frame preset added


  • Sketch files that use certain boolean operations will now open very quickly
  • The visibility toggle in the Layers Panel is now further from the scrollbar
  • Show Cursors From Other Users menu correctly shows its checkmark when enabled/disabled.
  • We now show thumbnails for Sketch 43+ files that have embedded thumbnails
  • Imported Figma files now have a background color for their thumbnails
  • We now only show the subscription icon in the Move to Project window when you are searching
  • Copy and paste offset now works correctly when pasting into a group within a frame
  • You can now resend account confirmation emails when inviting someone to a project, file, or team
  • Muli and Montserrat fonts now have underlines
  • The missing font dialog will no longer appear incorrectly 
  • User avatars now appear on files they are editing
  • Search menu legibility improvements for Safari
  • Export Picker performance improvements

Figma Desktop App 1.6.0


  • macOS: Export dialogs should be fully visible in full screen mode
  • macOS, Windows: Fix rare bug where drag-and-drop images did not import

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Figma 1.5.5

  • You can now see who is editing a file from the File Space

  • We no longer show redlines for invisible objects
  • Strokes added to images, SVGs, and objects will no longer default to 0 pixels
  • Thumbnails in the File Space now have a margin
  • We improved performance when panning the canvas
  • Long folder names are truncated in the Move to Project window
  • We no longer warn about missing fonts in imported Sketch files on Windows browsers and in the desktop app

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Figma 1.5.4



  • Constraints are now preserved when detaching instances
  • Resizing frames no longer rotates lines within
  • Move to Project drop-down no longer shifts on Firefox on Windows
  • Cursor no longer switches to an I-beam when dragging layers in the Layers Panel
  • Command + Shift + \ (macOS) and Ctrl + Shift + \ (Windows) toggles the layers panel again
  • Show Layers Panel in the View menu works again
  • Range selection in the Layers Panel now works as expected
  • Export window loads much faster for large documents
  • Frames and Components can be used as masks again
  • Hover outlines are now disabled for selected layers
  • On-canvas selection outlines now hide when changing the object’s properties
  • Updated UI for the missing font dialog

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Figma Desktop App 1.5.0



  • Fixed error messages that appeared on top of the editor
  • Windows: Control + Shift + 4 now toggles Layout Grids
  • Fullscreen view improvements
  • Various WebGL issues