Thursday, March 23, 2017

Figma 1.4.9


  • View-only now provides developer handoff. Supports selection, shows dimensions of each selection, and works with Live Device Preview and presentation mode. Redlining, export, and copy actions are all provided.
  • Command-Clicking to expand or collapse a layer, with several selected, will collapse/expand them all
  • Top-level Frames remain sticky while scrolling through objects panel
  • Improved masking UI in the objects panel
  • Move to Project window now lets you move files quickly between personal and team projects
  • Support for the new Sketch 43 file format
  • Open in New Tab option now available in the context menu in the file space
  • Menu actions:
    • Select All With Same Component: With an instance selected, this action will select all other instances with the same component master
    • Hide Other Layers: Hides all layers that are not currently selected. Particularly useful for hiding layers in a component


  • Version history entries now shows the correct preview
  • Color format in the Loupe View updates immediately after changing the format
  • We no longer show warnings when using Google Fonts if they are hidden from the font list.
  • Roboto is now always displayed in the font list even when Google Fonts are hidden
  • Fixes to accessing your local fonts including support for more local fonts
  • Undo, Redo, and Selection fixes
  • Groups and Frames now have a blue resize outline on selection
  • Resize outline once again disappears momentarily when making changes to a group
  • Opening small documents will always open at 100% zoom
  • We now always show the missing font dialog when font downloads fail
  • Performance improvements in documents that use layout grids
  • Fixed issues with range selection and cursor sometimes appearing in the wrong location for text objects
  • If you change text properties for text objects pasted into a document, it now works as expected
  • We now require you to confirm your email address in order to send invites

Monday, March 20, 2017

Figma 1.4.3


  • Version History entries now show a preview on the canvas.
  • Vector points in vector edit mode now snap correctly and remain on the pixel grid when Snap to Pixel Grid is enabled.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Figma 1.4.2

  • New Presentation mode! Simply use N or Shift + N to cycle through top-level Frames on the canvas. 
  • Detaching instances now preserves nested instances
  • When working within a Frame, we now only snap to other objects within the same top-level frame (instead of objects outside of the frame).


  • Undo and Redo now work correctly for text auto-resize changes.
  • Layout grids now appear correctly when gutter is set to 0.
  • Option + Double-click once again enters crop mode for images.
  • Mixed-state dropdown fields can now scroll
  • SVGs can once again be dropped directly into frames
  • Both canvas and properties panel now show two decimal points.
  • File owners that do not have folder-edit-access can now delete or move files from that folder.
  • Distribute and alignment actions now always result in whole-pixel placements when Snap to Pixel is enabled.
  • We now snap to whole pixels when aligning the center of objects when Snap to Pixel is enabled.
  • Lines now rotate correctly.
  • We now better handle empty Component names.
  • Right-side Command key now also activates the Bend tool while in vector edit mode.
  • Onboarding walkthrough will now appear only after dismissing unsupported browser warnings.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Figma 1.4.0

  • You can now drag folders into Figma.
  • Windows: Control + Shift + 4 will now toggle Layout Grids.


  • We’ve brought back the crop button in the toolbar as well as the option double-click shortcut to enter crop mode.
  • Paint bucket tool hotspot is more accurate.
  • Shift + Return now creates a new line instead of submits a comment.
  • You can now tab to “Do this later” when creating a new team.
  • We now always show the New File tile in the File Space.
  • Text caret now appears in the right place at start of line for text objects with a first-line indent.
  • Inner shadows display more accurately in the mobile viewer now.
  • Undo changes the fill type immediately when using the color picker.
  • We no longer show a confirmation dialog when deleting empty projects.
  • Select All with Same Text Style, Font, and Effect now work properly.
  • Objects no longer snap to Frames, Components, and Instances when Snap to Objects is off.
  • Gap snapping is no longer enabled when Snap to Objects is turned off.
  • Frames and objects now snap to whole integers when snapping to objects that are off-pixel.
  • Vector points now snap to the pixel grid even when snap targets are off-canvas.
  • Nudge resizing will no longer grow sub-pixel layers to whole pixels.
  • Mixed-Value drop-down menus now scroll correctly.
  • Safari: Fixed text-alignment in Comment buttons.
  • Intercom popup no longer blocks ability to dismiss on boarding modals for new users.
  • Using the lock shortcut no longer deselects the object(s) you are locking.
  • Importing into Figma will now only fail if all items fail.
  • Improved gradient parsing for SVG import.
  • Groups created from SVGs are no longer expanded on import.
  • After importing, all items are now selected instead of only the last item.
  • We no longer create empty groups after importing SVGs.
  • Imported items no longer overlap; all imported items are visible on canvas.
  • Import errors are all reported with a single error instead of per-item.
  • Updating multiple instances from the Team Library only requires a single Undo action now.
  • We now support "Include in Export" settings for Sketch Import.
  • Improved File Search performance.
  • Improved 404 pages.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Figma 1.3.8

  • Fixed a bug where Undo stops working after click-dragging in vector edit mode.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Figma 1.3.7


  • You can now import Sketch files on Chrome OS and Linux.
  • The align and distribute panel will now appear when you are in vector edit mode.
  • We now warn you when you delete a file that contains a published component.
  • We now show you a notification to update the Team Library when you delete a published component.


  • Locked instances are no longer selectable on the canvas.
  • You can now swap instances with the same name. 
  • Placing an instance from the Team Library will no longer parent them into a frame or component automatically.
  • We no longer show component update notifications for View-Only users.
  • Gradient stops within the color picker will no longer merge when dragged over another stop.
  • Right-clicking within the Team Library publishing window will no longer show the browser context menu.
  • We now prevent dragging a thumbnail from the Team Library publishing window.
  • Preset colors with an opacity setting now applies correctly from the list view.
  • We now correctly set constraints from imported Sketch files.
  • Gradients with transparent gradient stops now appear correctly when viewing designs on a mobile device.
  • We now hide the browser context menu when right-clicking objects and within the Figma context menu for Windows users.
  • We now prevent the ability to have negative stroke weights.
  • Better support for mixed paint handling for fills and strokes.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Figma 1.3.5


  • Team Library window can now be resized.
  • Strikethrough and Underline options are now available in the Advanced Type window.

  • Background tabs now sync properly when you regain a data connection.
  • Copying CSS Styles from a text object accurately captures text tracking.
  • The color dropper now remembers which format you last used.
  • The color picker will now remember the previously used view setting.
  • Shared color palette is now always visible for pre-loaded tabs in the desktop app.
  • Context menu within the color picker will no longer go off-screen.
  • Color picker no longer closes when changing from Image fill to Linear fill.
  • Duplicating objects now intelligently zooms the canvas to capture both objects.